Holophren, explained.

Since 2003, I have been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. I see and hear things others do not see and hear. Over time, I have gathered enough sensoral evidence to realize that the medical community is in the dark ages when it comes to what they call mental illness. In my quest for discovery I have renamed my condition, “Holophren,” which means “whole mind.” It means that I see and hear more than the average person, but am not delusional. The intent of this blog, while it is to dispel stigma over mental illness, is also simply to project an intelligent viewpoint about the issues facing all of us in these strange times. I plan on writing about one or two articles per week, covering everything from the possibilities of extra-terrestrial life to politics. My hope is that, as I gain readership, we can begin to build a community that doesn’t think reactively, but rather responds to the world slowly, over time. Together, we can make sense out of life and perhaps find solutions to any problems which might assail us.

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