We spoke of Madness like we knew it was Truth.

The way she smells is still in my hair. We are the same age, but she is older and wiser in spirit. That said, I think she needs me too.

We spoke of madness like we knew it was truth. And it was. And it is.

She spoke of home and I asked her what it was. She asked me if I’d ever been there before. I told her that with her I felt like it was there.

We danced to the music of our ancestors, and kissed by candlelight. This is how life should be. This is how we love.

You, Irish lass, are a boon to humankind and to me. I’d like to take you to the World I know, where angels come and go. Everyone is not like everyone. You may not agree, but from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, and not what I’ve been told, the Magic only shines on a few, and as God is my witness, the Magic shines on you.

Shed you’re human skin, Melissa, and grow.

Love, Devin


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